Monday, December 03, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

Happy December, friends!

With the holidays coming up I thought it'd be a good time to share a gift guide for the little people in your life. So I've put together a list of all things baby! 

For my little ones, I try to make sure most their toys are open-ended and I'm not a fan toys with batteries (I think we have one, literally one).  I also try to keep plastic to a minimum as well since it's not very friendly for our planet. Before you roll your eyes into the back of your head, I'm not saying they don't have a couple plastic toys they love, but just like light up toys we try to keep those few and far between. 

One thing I got my youngest this year are these adorable silks (and clips). He loves playing peek-a-boo and ends up using the sheer curtains in our living room most days so I think these will be a big hit. Pair the silks with these clips and your kids can have open-ended play building forts, using the silks as a cape to be a super hero, or simply playin peek-a-boo to name a few.

This rainbow stacker is in my Amazon cart for my youngest's first birthday coming up next month. It's a more eco friendly version of the old-school plastic stacker I think we've all seen back in the day.  Not only is it good for fine motor skills but it'll look cute on their shelf too. Win-win.

This alligator shape-sorter is the cutest damn thing, and he's a pull-toy too. So he can do double duty. Or give him to my toddler and she'll come up with 473 other ways to use it because that's just who she is as a person and I dig it.

My mom is super supportive of my minimalist habits and will ask me what to get the kids and she actually sticks to getting exactly what we ask for. I heart her for some many reasons and that's just one of the small ones. We asked for these one holiday and she delivered. These are one of the plastic toys I mentioned that my kids have and love. My toddler makes houses, trains, roads, castles, shapes, and so much more out of these. She's even made furniture for her doll house with these. They're one toy I recommend to everyone. They're pricey but so, so worth it. And yes, baby can play with these. My little guy loves to match them together.

Lastly, this little teether is perfect for tiny hands. It's great for sensory motor skills, feels good on baby's gums, and it's made from all-natural rubber.

I hope this quick little list helped spark some ideas for the baby in your life! I'm putting together a list for the toddler in your life for later this week. And my three year old is helping me put it together. Look out! She loves dinosaurs so I'm sure at least one will make the list. Have a great week, guys!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Life Lately

Guys! It's been so long since I've updated my little old blog. I often have ideas for posts but they end up just staying in my head because its tough for  me to find time to sit down and just write. Instead, I do things like spend 30 minutes attempting to get a fly of out of the room my baby is sleeping in because I don't want it landing on him and waking him up. True story. This exact scenario just occurred like ten minutes ago. 

Seriously though, the lack of posting has a lot to do with how go-go-go our last year has been. I mean, is life every really not go-go-go when you have a basketball team of kids? I was just thinking the other day and ya'll, I have a child in college, one in high school, one in middle school, my toddler goes to an elementary school half the day for Pre-K, and then there's the baby. All five kids in five different ages and stages of life. We've got it all covered. Wanna hear about how London Bridge is Falling Down? I got you covered. Want to help try to find an elusive college textbook that no store has in stock and costs $4.7 million dollars per page? Got it covered. Ready watch the door at curfew to make sure the 16 year old walks through on time? I'm your girl. Wanna get a tutorial on Fortnite from your middle-schooler? I. got. chu.
Like everything is happening. At once. All the time. Then my hubby, the pilot, was in some super intense training for the last year so while he was physically present, he really needed to focus on studying so his mind was being pulled elsewhere. This left me to zip and zoom all over town and do so much without relying on him since his schedule was...well...unreliable due to no fault of his own. When my oldest was still living at home he helped with pick ups and drop offs but he's gone to college out of state now. Luckily, the pilot finished training and he's home so much now. Like, so much. Its heaven really. Granted, he'll be back in the books in a few months but until then I'm loving the brunch dates, the help with pick ups and drop offs, the late nights where the kids are in bed and we pop open a bottle of wine and hang out, the bedtime routine he's now able to be a part of, watching our toddler follow him around like a lost puppy because he's the current favorite and she's a daddy's girl through and through. So yeah, maybe in a few months when things get kicked back into high gear for my other half I won't get to sit down like this and make updates anymore, I don't know. But for now I'm taking full advantage of it. 

I have so many posts I'm excited to share with you guys, and so many topics to cover. A few of my friends will say "you should write a post about *insert the subject*" so I plan to. And I've also received a few DMs on Instagram about some topics I'd love to cover as well. So I will and I hope you'll pop in every now and then to see what's new. 

Later, friends!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

Disclaimer: I was provided with the products in this post at no cost however all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible!

One of the things I love most about Instagram is getting to work with companies that I would have otherwise not known about. So when Smile Brilliant came to me about their customised whitening trays I immediately went to their website to do a my own research and after reading about their process I became so excited to try it out! 

First, this isn't the whitening kit you're going to find in your local supermarket, no generic strips that you do for a few days and call it done. Instead, they create custom whitening trays based on your dental impressions, you then fill the tray with the whitening gel and the rest is history. 

Just before beginning the whitening process I discovered I was pregnant so I asked my sister-in-law if she would be interested in testing out the Smile Brilliant system since I was unable. She happily obliged!

When talking to her before, during, and after the whitening process here are the highlights/tips from her experience:

• Creating the custom trays was a breeze! Smile Brilliant sends you everything you need to accomplish this, you send your impressions back in a prepaid box, and you receive your custom trays shortly thereafter. 

•The number of applications you use depends on how you answer some of Smile Brilliant's questions. For instance, my sister-in-law has sensitive teeth, therefore she was given whitening gel specifically designed for sensitive teeth. 

•Build up to the length of time you wish to keep each application on your teeth. Smile Brilliant will give you a suggestion of a range of how long to keep each application on. My sister started at the lower end of that suggestion and worked her way up to the higher end with each application. She loved that she could easily talk and go about her normal activities even with the tray in! She said she even went to work with it in on an occasion or two!

•Also, a tip she has is to follow ALL the instructions given to you by Smile Brilliant. This sounds obvious but let's be honest, how many of us follow instructions to a tee? (i.e. Strand test before each hair dying experience? Never. Admit it) Her big tip was don't brush your teeth before doing an application. The instructions specifically tell you not to do this but my sister did brush her teeth before one application and said she had a bit of temporary sensitivity due to not following that particular instruction. 

After talking to my sister about how simple and great her experience was with Smile Brilliant I cannot wait to be able to try it for myself eventually. Click on over to Smile Brilliant's website and check things out! You'll like what you see. And for a chance to win your own custom whitening kit from Smile Brilliant click here! Winner will be selected at random one week from today! Don't want to wait?! Get 15% off your purchase using code: theprettyandthebrave15


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Super Simple DIY Train Board

Alright, so I've an insanely simple DIY for you today. A train board! 

My youngest loves her train set, and in our old house I kept it downstairs so she'd just set it up on our hardwood floors and it was fine. But in our current home we keep it upstairs, and upstairs is carpeted so I've been wanted to  make her a simple train board she can set the tracks on. When my teenagers were her age they had an actual train table. The thing was big. And don't get me wrong, it was super nice and super cute but over a decade later and it's not ideal for our current way of life. First off, I'm totally a minimalist (I just recently stopped calling myself a wanna-be minimalist but that post will wait for another day) so the thought of having a massive train table like I did ten years ago for the big kids annoyed me for several being the footprint it'd take up; the bigger our family has gotten and the more psychotic passionate about minimalism I've gotten. I want to do more with less and I knew there had to be a way to incorporate the function of a train table without it taking up the space of a train table which is essentially the size of a toddler bed. 

So I did some thinking and I was like, "Eureka! I can make something that can just slide under her bed when it's not in use!" This way she had something to put her trains on and yet it wasn't taking up a valuable floor space when not in use. I knew to move it easily in and out from under her bed I wanted it to have wheels. Then I thought about what it should look like and I immediately was like "all white". But let's be honest, like most of our house is white. So then I thought it'd be fun to paint trees and water and what it on it but that felt too limiting because I started to imagine her also using the board to build legos or stack blocks, etc on. Finally I decided to just use paint I already had because who really cares what color it is, right?

So here's what you need to make this yourself:
  • Piece of wood cut to desired size 
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • Polyurethane 
  • Wheels
  • Screws
  • Sander

I had everything on hand already so this project cost me a whopping $0. Pro tip: if you have a Kelley Moore Paint store you can get a free quart of paint from them using a coupon (that's where my paint came from and was left over from painting the baby's dresser). 

  1. Measure the underside of the piece of furniture your train board is going to be stored under. Take into account you want a bit of wiggle room
  2. Cut your wood to size. If you're buying from Lowes or The Home Depot they'll cut it for free. I usually take advantage of that but since I was using left over wood I just used our jigsaw for this project. 
  3. Sand the edges of your board really well, you don't want little fingers getting splinters and you don't want sharp corners. I use an electric sander and it's one of my most used tools and still going strong after almost 10 years, if you DIY a lot it's a good investment. 
  4. Attach wheels. I had these left over casters from a previous project and like how chunky and sturdy they are. 
  5. The fun part! Paint or stain your board! I got away with a single coat of paint but usually you want at least two. 
  6. Let paint dry fully then add a few coats of clear poly if you want the paint to stay as is. If you like the chipped or worn look then you can skip this part and your board will get nicks and scraps naturally with use. (Note: Obviously don't apply poly to the board if you use chalkboard paint and want it draw on it) 
  7. Admire your work! 

I hope you found this tutorial simple enough and gained inspiration to recreate it or to put your own twist on it for some other use. 

Avery loved helping me with the project (especially the painting) and was so excited to put her trains on it when we were done. 

Total cost for this project if you didn't have any of the materials on hand would be around $30. But chances are if you take on DIY projects you probably have most of this on hand making it even cheaper. 

Free, functional, and I can wheel it under the babe's bed when it's not in use. My kind of project. 

Hugs, guys. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Fordhouse Courthouse

So my gas light came on the other day. Said 50 miles or something til empty. Blew it off. You can do a lot in 50 miles right?! I have time, I told myself. Go about my day. Come home for the evening. Next day is here and I have a doctor's appointment at 1. The baby slept until 10am so that was fabulous. So we had a lazy morning, one which included a bath for her. Fast forward to what should be the end of said bath and she refuses to get out of the tub despite us needing to leave the house by 12:30. 12:37 comes and she's finally dressed albeit with not thoroughly brushed hair and no socks with her tennis shoes because I don't have time to argue with a two year old about socks. Drop her off with a friend so I could make my anatomy scan at 1. My obstetrician had changed locations since my last visit. I know this bc I got a voicemail the other day telling me the location of their new office. I can't find the street on any map app I have nor on the GPS in my car. But the voicemail says "behind the Courthouse" amongst other details as to where exactly they are. Perfect. I know where the courthouse is. 

Despite running late I make it to the courthouse by 1:01. No biggie. One minute isn't going to hurt anyone. But wait, I can't find the OB's office. And I'm behind the courthouse. Call the office. No answer. Drive around. Don't see the street name I'm given. Keep driving in that general vacinity whilst continuing to ring the OB's office. Finally someone answers. 1:07. I tell her I'm lost and I'm behind the courthouse. Courthouse? 

She's confused. Yeah, in the message it says y'all are located behind the courthouse. No, she tells me. They are behind the FORD HOUSE! WTF is a ford house, you ask? I pondered the same - answer? The local ford dealership. Who calls it a ford house? Whatever. I ask if it's by the courthouse. No, she says. Fantastic. It's 1:10. I get the proper address to the godforsaken ford house and haul ass. Within legal speed limits of course because I'm no monster. A few miles down the road I'm feeling hopeful, my car tells me I'm two minutes from my destination. It then also immediately tells me I'm zero miles until empty. Zero

Has your car even said zero miles? Heart. Attack. And it only chimed this cute little single chime before my dashboard lit up with the words zero miles to empty. My mind did what the car should've done. FUCKING SIRENS. 

Yeah. Sirens went off in my mind and my body temp immediately roses 26 degrees and I'm frantically searching for a gas station. I see one. It's on the next exit. I get off the highway and it's a fucking smoke and save or some shit where they turned an old gas station into a "grab your smokes and liquor" joint (do ppl still say joint?). So I saw gas pumps but that shit hasn't works since god knows when. 

I let out some profanities and keep driving. 

Finally coming across a proper gas station. The light right before the station is green but I envision it turning red and me running out of gas and standing on the side of the road pregnant, hot, and crying because I want my husband whom is probably flying (therefore unreachable) with my luck. The light stays green, proof that Jesus loves us, and I pull into the gas station. I pump 20 seconds worth of gas which I've learned buys you 54 more miles according to my car when I got back in. Drove my two more miles to the OB office. Pull in the lot and see the dealership next door. I mumble something like "fucking ford house"... 

...because its totally the Ford House's fault that I can't get my kid out of the tub in a timely manner and have gas in the car. 

I hobble-run inside and tell the ladies at the desk a very condesed version of the last 20 minutes. Which went something like this. "I thought y'all said the courthouse". Laughter amongst us all. 

Then they tell me how "an older woman" made the same mistake. Great. Now I have the hearing of "an older woman". It's 1:19. I'm still seen. Anatomy scan done. Baby boy healthy. Drove home less heart-attacky. Hate the fordhouse. Fin. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The First Years Minnie Mouse Feeding Seat

Disclaimer: I was provided with the products in this post at no cost however all words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible!

The baby is at an age where mealtime is no longer a complete challenge so long as we allow her to do everything herself. And I mean everything. She prefers sitting at the table with us rather than her high chair so when we had the chance to check out The First Years Minnie Mouse Feeding Seat we jumped on it! And I'm glad we did. 

It's the perfect solution between a high chair and sitting in an actual dining chair. The seat straps securely to the chair and it even comes with a tray, which I can see being convienient if you wanted to save space and minimize the number of products you bring into your home. I've been on a minimizing kick the last year or so and the first thing that came to mind when I saw that The First Years Minnie Mouse Feeding Seat came with a tray was: this is perfect because now you don't even need a high chair! Because not only could you use this at the table as a booster with no tray when your child is older but you could also use it as a high chair by popping the tray on. The tray is adjustable as is the safety harness so the seat can easily grow with your child. Ours gets use at mealtime time and at play time as I find this scene often:

We were also sent coordinating dish ware. I really enjoy trying different types of dishware for kids, I feel like that should be a proper job title. You know, like a food critic? Except it'd be a baby/toddler dish ware critic. Okay, now that I typed it out it admittedly sounds a bit ridiculous but humor me, please. 

These forks and spoons are a definite keeper. And the sippy cups are a winner too. There's also a bowl as well as a sectioned place which is nice if you have a picky eater that doesn't like their food touching. *Cough Cough* My littlest. 

Click here to see more!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Mother's Day with American Greetings

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MoreThanAMom #CollectiveBias

When I think about my mom, I get pretty sentimental. She means the absolute world to me, and it wasn't until I became a mom myself that I realized the level of love she had for me. Without a doubt I've always known she's loved me, but until you have a child yourself you've never experienced this type of love and therefore couldn't completely appreciate the love your mom has for you. But now I do and I'm so thankful for her and I'm thankful I know that feeling when it comes to my own children as well.

So with Mother's Day just around the corner I'm excited to be able to celebrate her and show her just how much she is appreciated. And being physically distant from my parents due to my husband being in the Air Force, it makes Mother's Day that much more special and its our chance to let her know that even thousands of miles apart, we still think of her, love her, and value what she brings to our lives. 

So I went to our local AAFES Base Exchange (BX) to check our their selection of Mother's Day items and the first thing I saw when I walked in was the American Greetings display filled with an array of Mother's Day cards, gift bags, and more. 

It made my heart so happy looking through the selection of American Greetings cards because it looked as though they have thought of everyone and were truly determine to celebrate every mom! They had cards for wives, mothers, sisters, friends, grandmothers, aunts. They had cards from one mom to another, from kids to their mom, from kids to both their moms; it was so great to see American Greetings had the perfect Mother's Day card for every mom!

When I saw their wide selection I even picked up a card for a close friend of mine that I met when I, myself, was in the Air Force. Being in the Air Force means you are away from your extended family a lot, so friends that you meet in the same situation become more like family and its so important to let them know how much we appreciate them just like we do with our extended family. And what's great is that American Greetings currently has a promotion for "Buy 3 cards, Save $2" so this is prime time to find a special card for several moms in your life, promotion runs from 4/17 to 5/14!

Its common for one to receive flowers on Mother's Day but what's even better are flowers that last forever, am I right?! So the kids helped make a fun, colorful bouquet out of tissue paper that we also grabbed from the American Greetings selection of products at the BX. The how-to is simple. Here's what you need:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • Rubberband

  • Choose the size of your flower(s), the larger your flower the bigger sized tissue paper you want. For a fuller look, use more sheets (we used two packages and didn't cut them down in size so our bouquet is big and full). 
  • Begin folding the tissue paper like an accordion until the entire thing is folded.
  • Place rubberband in the middle (this holds it all together) and fold the whole thing in half.
  • Trim the ends if you'd like a pattern on the edges of the flowers or leave as is for a pointed look
    • Now gently pull each piece of tissue paper away from the next to create a full, flower look. Fluff to your heart's content! Then place in a vase and you're done!

    I know my mom will love her card, notice it has "coupons" for use with grandma? So clever. I always love when my kids make me coupons for things, they love when I redeem the coupons and just get so excited. And the card I got my friend was so perfect ("Momming is not easy"), and on the inside it referenced chardonnay so naturally that's the gift I got for her.

    With Mother's Day right around the corner, let American Greetings help you celebrate every mom in your life! To get further inspired for your Mother's Day gift ideas, or to check out their other amazing products check out their site.