Avery + Sam

Our little stinker, Avery is obsessed with her puppy, Samantha. 
So it's only natural that I take fun + silly photos of the two of them together. 
As I described when I first announced this little series, my aim is to take one photo (at least) every week until I either run out of ideas (which won't be anytime soon *wink) or either of them just isn't feeling it anymore.

While working with an increasingly mobile infant and a clumsy German Shepherd, I quickly learned that "perfection" would be the furthest thing from describing these photos...I'm looking at you, sopping wet, dilapidated mustache that the baby attempted to eat (Mario + Luigi, week 4). But I quickly let go of wanting #AllThePerfections and aim at doing my best and bringing a smile to the faces of those that take the time to look at these photos.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

And if you have any ideas for Avery + Sam comment below! And feel free to share this page with others - we're doing this because it makes us smile and we hope we can spread that cheer!

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