Monday, February 27, 2017


So I'm on Facebook the other day and someone asks everyone, "what movie traumatized you as a kid?" Everyone's answering things like Amityville Horror, Kujo, Friday the Thirteenth and I'm like, I guess in need to reevaluate because the first movie that popped in mind was The Never Ending Story. But seriously, can we talk about that big creepy dog and his scaly fur? Uuuugh *shudders. Nightmares for days. 

My 11 year old told us about two girls in his class that got into a hair pulling match over whether a crayon was red or maroon. 

He said one girl came away with a fist full of the other's hair. 

Let that sink in.

He also told us of a classmate that brought a mouse to school unbeknownst to any adults. Then carried the mouse to gym class IN HER PANTS POCKET. The teacher saw the class around her and went to investigate, saw the child had a mouse, and said "insert child's name, why did you bring that to school? Go put it in your back pack!" 

Her backpack?!

 This same girl then brought the mouse back the next day and traded it with a friend for a candy bar. So things are going really well in the fifth grade and their teacher has things completely under control. 

The baby insisted on wearing her panties when we went out the other day so I obliged. She has a perfect record for staying dry so far when she wears them out of the house. About 20 minutes into being at the dog park I went to take Sam to get a drink, turn back to the baby and she has her panties and pants around her ankles telling me she needs to "pee pee."

BUT! At least she told me though instead of wetting herself, yeah? Silver linings. 

I started the 21 day fix last week. Never thought in a million years I'd be "that girl"...but here I shamelessly am. Check back in in a week and see if I don't give up due to not morphing into Jillian Michaels in 7 days. I've never felt so out of shape in my life. I literally couldn't walk up the stairs after a lower body workout and that's when I knew I'd hit rock bottom.

Happiest of Monday, Friends. xx

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