Friday, March 03, 2017

Favorite Finds

Happy Freaking Friday! This week started out great and then on Wednesday I woke with an itchy throat and a pounding headache and I was like: Nope, don't have time to be sick. And I had just been feeling grateful that our house has managed to escape this bug that I see has been going around. So I spent Wednesday taking it easy, like waaaaay easy, like I fed my children and played taxi to after school activities and that's about where my productivity ended. I drank loads of water, took my vitamins, pounded shots of raw apple cider vinegar (I swear by this stuff, I have my kids take a couple tablespoons of it and they rarely get ill), and diffused some thieves. And today I feel 95% better. Luckily the kids haven't showed signs of falling ill and hopefully it stays that way.

Anyway, on to my favorite finds of the week!

This Braised Red Wine Short Ribs recipe is heavenly! Seriously one of the best dishes I've ever made. We celebrated Valentine's Day in our house on the 15th since Seth was night flying and Ari had gym until 8, so none of us got home until at least 9pm on the 14th. But the next day we gave the kids their gifts and I made a fancy-shmancy dinner and this was on the menu. It was sooooo good, guys. And it was pretty simple too. Try it out!
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Photo: Martha Stewart

This cross-stitch family portrait is really speaking to me. Call me a nerd but I've totally bought the supplies and I plan to make one of our family when I finish my other 73 projects I've going on at the moment. I think its unique and quirky and would fit right into my decorating style.
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With Avery's birthday around the corner I've been on the hunt for a shirt for her. Last year when she turned one I had my sister-in-law make her a shirt that said "Wild one". Get it? So I've been trying to find a phrase for her "two year" shirt. I came across this one that would be adorable for a third birthday.

Photo: Etsy
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These Nikes are EVERYTHING! But I can't find them anywhere, so I guess technically this isn't a "find" but if ya'll know where I can get these holla atcha girl! I tossed my old Nikes with the thought that it'd force me to replace them quicker since I've been needing a new pair for months. And my poor foot already needs surgery for the THIRD time so I figured I'd stop putting it into shoes that needed replaced. Le sigh.

Source unknown
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These blackberry lemonade margaritas are delish. And with the weather in my neck of the woods being absolutely beautiful, this weekend would be the perfect time to make a pitcher and sit out on the deck while grilling burgers. mmmmmm burgers. 

You deserve it! xx

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