Tuesday, March 07, 2017


The last few days have been hectic. Like, I want to move my mother in with me for the next two months type of hectic. Hey mom, you can make that happen, right?! ;) But that's life. Basically, 2017 is already proving to be amazing with more amazing things coming. But that also means chaos, and changes, and rolling with the punches. But again, life...am i right?! Its what we are used to. Good news is my husband gets to stick around for more than three seconds at a time here soon. We moved here to America ten months ago and he's been gone for almost half of that, not for five consecutive months or anything but that doesn't make it any better. If I'm being honest it would probably have been easier if he was gone for five straight months because by the time we finally get into a groove of him being gone he's back. Then a few weeks later he has to leave again and we start the process from scratch. But who cares, right? Because pretty soon that will be no more and we will get to have him home every single day with us. For a while, at least.

 Ariana and I went to see Twenty One pilots in concert the weekend before last and guys, it was SO FUN! Maybe since I haven't been to a concert in like 20 years I didn't really know what to expect so my standards weren't the highest (they're a great band, but I just didn't know what to expect concert-wise) but it was one of the funnest nights I've ever had. We spent the day entire day together just the two of us so that was nice. We try to make time to go do things with the kids one-one-one but in reality it doesn't happen as often as we'd like. So it was so important to have that time together. We had floor tickets so we were literally inches from the stage so you could really feel the energy. Their fans are insanely dedicated. The way they were dressed, their topics of conversation, one girl was even crying so hard she literally sounded like a wolf as in, she was howling. Legit howling. Like, you know the ugly-cry you get during a super intense episode of Grey's? Yeah, multiply that by 3.7 trillion, then add a howl in. I was kind of concerned for her, to be frank.

Sammy's been feeling poorly. She needed to go outside to potty at least once an hour for a few days straight. It was like having a newborn all over again. That hasn't stopped her from strategically laying where the baby drops the most crumbs though so I know she's not doing too awful.

And the baby still refuses to allow me to dress her. She's either naked or wearing 17 layers. There is no in between. And a hairbrush?! You better get away from her with that! Are you crazy?! She doesn't need to be properly groomed. At least that's what she would tell you.

Luckily she loves taking baths and brushing her teeth so don't call child services on me just yet. I've had a couple questions about whether she's potty trained and if so how I went about it. I promise I'll do another post about that, but be forewarned that there are certain things I don't share on the internet and potty-training specifics is one. So my post will share what I've learned about potty-training four kids and my method and how long it takes (basically general info I've learned from experience) but it won't be any one specific child of mine's story, if that makes sense. I promise I'm not a prude but here's how I decide what to share about my kids: I ask myself "If mom or dad put that photo or story of me on the internet would I be okay with it?" If my answer is no, I don't share it. Easy as pie. My dog on the other hand gets her business blasted all over the interwebs.

Happy Taco Tuesday, friends. Think of me when you're sipping your margarita tonight. xx

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